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Best Ways To Take Misoprostol Pill

Millions of women have safely terminated their unplanned pregnancy with the help of Misoprostol Pills. Terminating pregnancy with Misoprostol Pills preferred by women in most of the countries as it is safe and effective. Medical abortion does not involve sharp tools and sessions as in surgical. Misoprostol Pills when used for abortion is 95% successful if it is taken properly. It is one of the accessible alternatives for women who do not have any other options.

How Misoprostol Pill Work in Safe Abortion

Misoprostol Pills is a prostaglandin analogue that works by binding to myometrial cells and cause myometrial contraction which lead to expulsion of tissues. It also causes cervical ripening with dilation and softening of cervix. Misoprostol Pills is used within nine weeks since the last menstruation cycle, 63 days counting from the day first of the last regular period. The earlier administration of Misoprostol Pills is better, safer, more effective and less painful.

How to Take Misoprostol Pill

Misoprostol abortion pill contain 12 tablets each of 200mcg. Women should take 4 tablets to Misoprostol to initiate abortion and after the gap of 3 to 12 hours, take another 4 tablets and again after the gap of 3 to 12 hours take the rest of 4 more tablets to terminate pregnancy. You can take these pills either by inserting deep into the vagina or by in the mouth under the tongue or in the check pouch. Use large and thick sanitary pads.

Visit to your nearby clinic after 1 -2 days after completion of   pills course in order to confirm the termination of pregnancy with the help of ultrasound.

Who Should Not Take Misoprostol Pills?

  • If you are allergic to Misoprostol tablet of any of its ingredients.
  • More than 9 week of pregnancy.
  • In case of ectopic pregnancy, if suspected or confirmed.
  • Women with intrauterine devices in her uterus.
  • Bleeding problem or any blood pressure.
  • Adrenal gland problems such as chronic adrenal failure.



  • Complete bed rest until you are sure you can carry your normal routine.
  • Avoid traveling for few days.
  • Take health diet to improve your weakness.
  • Do not use any intra uterine device.
  • Avoid intimacy session for few weeks.

Misoprostol Pills