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Best Ways To Take Mifepristone Pills

Unwanted pregnancy is always a difficult period that many girls have to go through this stage. A good relation between two couples does not always mean they want to have child. Sometime, despite of all precautions, birth control methods fail and cause unplanned pregnancy, which is a very crucial time for couples involved in it. Unplanned pregnancy is always defined as a situation of unintended pregnancy. Abortion is a central matter in the lives of many people and the option of abortion vary for numerous reasons. In some situations, abortion is the most appropriate action to take. It is acceptable for every woman to stabilize and maintain a normal healthy lifestyle.

Women choose the option of abortion is many cases such as:

  • If the birth control contraceptive are failed
  • Having a child will endanger you life
  • Was the victim of rape
  • Does not  want to keep relation with the particular person after intimacy session
  • Very young to have a baby
  • Physical problem with health
  • Do not want to have baby because of your career
  • Family pressure

Mechanism of Action

Mifepristone Pill is a synthetic steroid with antiprogesterone and antiglucocorticoid activity that helps to terminate early pregnancy. It prevents by blocking hormone progesterone receptors and causes the uterus lining to shed, similar as menstrual cycle.

Dosage of Mifepristone Pills (Mifeprex)

Mifeprex tablet is taken orally as a single dose as directed by your physician. 

While taking Mifeprex you should follow these steps:

Step 1: Women need to take 3 tablets of mifepristone (200 mg each) as a single dose.

Three doses of mifepristone are enough for the termination pregnancy. Confirm with your doctor in case of complete termination of pregnancy. If pregnancy is not terminated successfully than you should move to next step.

Step 2: Take 2 tablets of misoprostol (200 mcg each) orally.

Step 3: After 14 days visit to your nearby hospital for confirmation of terminating pregnancy by clinical examination or ultrasonographic scan.

In case of over dose, immediately call your nearby poison control center.

Contraindication of Mifepristone Pills (Mifeprex)

Mifeprex is contraindicated in patient with anyone of the following conditions: 

  • More than 63 days or nine weeks pregnant
  • Avoid taking alcohol, grapefruits and grape juice along with mifepristone
  • Allergic to mifepristone or any of its ingredient present in it
  • If using intrauterine devices
  • Adrenal gland problems such as chronic adrenal failure
  • Undiagnosed growth in abdomen
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Bleeding problem or any blood pressure

After Abortion

  • Get complete bed rest after abortion.
  • Do not any intra uterine device for few weeks as it may lead to cause vaginal infection.
  • Avoid intimacy session for some weeks.
  • Eat healthy, vitamin containing diet and nutritious diet to improve your weakness condition.