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Buy Zolax SR 1.5mg tablets

Buy Zolax SR 1.5mg, Xanax 1.5mg Alprazolam 1.5mg

Generic Alprazolam 1.5mg tablets

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Buy Zolax SR 1.5mg Online  - Xanax 1.5 Alprazolam tablets

Zolax SR 1.5mg is short acting drug that is indicated for the management of following indications along the generic Alprazolam:

  • Panic attack,
  • Anxiety disorder and depression (moderate)
  • Sudden episodes of intense fear or discomfort.

How it Zolax SR 1.5mg (Xanax) works?

The drug provides sedative, hypnotic, anxiolytic and anticonvulsant action along muscle relaxing property. The drug belongs to benzodiazepines and help in promotion of sleep. 

Where individual should not take Zolax SR 1.5mg (Xanax)tablets?

If patient is nursing or pregnant she should not take the drug.

Patient bearing glaucoma disorder should not administer the drug.

Patient below 18 year of age bar should not take the drug

Which other medication should not be taken along Zolax SR 1.5mg tablets?

  • Drugs for mood and personality disorders, Antifungal medications, Antihistamines
  • Sleeping pill, Opioid painkillers
  • Antidepressants, Anticonvulsants 

How to store Zolax SR 1.5mg tablets?

Zolax SR tablets should be kept at dry and moist free condition where temperature should be at room temperature. 

What is dossier for Zolax SR 1.5mg tablets?

Zolax SR 1.5mg tablet should be taken orally; the dosage depends according to the medical condition one may take tablet twice a day as the dosage can be extended up to 3-4 mg/day. Even in extreme panic conditions one may extend it up to 10mg/ day. 

What are the side effects seen after the intake of Zolax SR 1.5mg tablets?

Patient may notice following effects after intake that may vary from every individual like:

Headache, memory or coordination impairment, constipation, Dry mouth,  may also increase the depression condition also in certain instances. 

What are the safety tips during intake of Zolax SR 1.5mg tablets?

  • Patient with history of allergy to the active drug or the content of Zolax SR tablet should not take the medication.
  • Patient having disorder associated with airways or respiratory, hepatic or renal malfunction should not administer the medication.
  • One should not take the medication along grape, alcohol as this may aggravate the side effects of the medication.

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