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Generic Topiramate Tablets

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Buy Topamax 25mg online ( Generic Topiramate )

Topamax is fundamentally indicated to manage epilepsy or convulsions. Generic Topiramate is a main pharmaceutical component of Topamax, which belongs to the category of Anti-convulsant drugs.

How Topamax works?

Topamax may change the production or action of neurotransmitters in the brain and inhibits the abnormal activity of the nerves in the brain that cause seizures. It prevents seizures and reduces the frequency of migraines.

Who should not take Topamax 25mg?

Topamax is strictly contraindicated in the following conditions-

  • Hypersensitivity towards generic Topiramate
  • Diabetes and a history of metabolic acidosis
  • Kidney and liver dysfunction
  • Diarrhea
  • Severe breathing disorders
  • Depression
  • Mental disorders

Drugs interact with Topiramate Topamax-

  • Glaucoma medicine like acetazolamide
  • Birth control pills
  • Metformin
  • Dichlorphenamide
  • Seizure medicines like Carbamazepine, Divalproex sodium and Phenytoin 

How to store Generic Topamax ?

  • Topamax should be properly stored at the room temperature 300 C and away from the direct contact of heat, sunlight and humidity.
  • Keep this drug away from the reach of children.

How to take Topamax?

An individual should take a single tablet of Topamax two times in a day. It should be administered as orally with a full glass of water. The dose adjustment should be totally depends on the individual's age, body weight and severity of convulsions. In case of children, Topamax is totally depends on the weight. You should take Topamax daily on a regular basis for several weeks or months.

What happens if I miss a dose of Generic Topiramate Topamax?

Take the missed dose of Topamax as soon as you remember. Skip the missed dose if the time for the next dose and wait until your next scheduled dose. Do not take extra dose of Topamax to make for the next dose.

What happens if I overdose of Topamax?

Overdose symptoms of Topamax may include drowsiness, agitation, thinking problems.

Take an immediate medical assistance from your nearby hospital.

Detrimental effects of Generic Topamax-

Common side effects of this medication are dizziness, tiredness, drowsiness, tingling of the hands or feet, loss of appetite, loss of coordination, diarrhea, difficulty in concentration or paying attention, nervousness.

Special safety and precautions-

  • This medicine may make you drowsy or weaken your judgment.
  • Do not drive, use machinery, or do any activity that needs attentiveness until you are confident you can carry out such activities safely.
  • Drinking of alcohol is strictly inadvisable along with this medicine.
  • During pregnancy, this medication is strictly contraindicated, as it may harm unborn baby.
  • This medication passes into breast milk and may cause detrimental effects on a nursing infant.
  • Drink plenty of liquids while taking this drug. 

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