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Pain-O-Soma 350MG

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CARISOPRODOL (kar-eye-soe-PROE-dole) 350mg

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Pain-O-Soma is an effective medicine used for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. It effectively treats pain caused due to muscle injury, muscle tearing, muscle sprain or joint pain. Pain-O-Soma is quite an efficacious medicine in treating all your musculoskeletal worries and makes your life pain free. Carisoprodol is the main active moiety present in Pain-O-Soma 350mg.

The working mechanism of Carisoprodol Pain-O-Soma 350mg:

Pain-O-Soma contains Carisoprodol as the main active constituent. Carisoprodol belongs to the class of muscle relaxants. Carisoprodol works by interrupting the neuronal communication within the reticular formation and spinal cord, resulting in sedation and alteration in pain perception.

The dosing regimen of Pain-O-Soma 350mg:

The recommended dose of Pain-O-Soma is 350mg accessible in a tablet dosage form. Take one tablet of 350mg of Pain-O-Soma twice a day, orally with an ample amount of water. Do not take more than 1400mg in a day. In the case of overdosing, seek nearest medical help immediately.

Contraindications of Pain-O-Soma 350mg Tablets:

Do not use Pain-O-Soma if you are allergic to Carisoprodol or any other ingredient present in this medication.

If you are suffering from epileptic disorder or disorders of liver or kidney then do not use Pain-O-Soma.

Adverse effects:

The common side effects seen with the use of Pain-O-Soma are dizziness, drowsiness, irritability, blurred vision, insomnia, vomiting and stomach upset.

Warnings and precautions:

  • Driving and performing tasks that require alertness are inadvisable while using Pain-O-Soma.
  • Do not take Pain-O-Soma if you have had a history of depression or suicidal thoughts in the past. 
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages and other sedatives along with Pain-O-Soma. 
  • Do not use Pain-O-Soma for more than 2-3 weeks, as it may be habit forming.
  • Do not change the dose of Pain-O-Soma without consulting your doctor as it may potentiate the risk of side effects.
  • Do not stop taking Pain-O-Soma without consulting your doctor as it may exert withdrawal symptoms.
  • People below the age of 16 years need medical supervision for taking Pain-O-Soma.

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