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Latisse Eye Drops

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Generic Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution - Latisse Eye Drops

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Generic Latisse Eye Drops | buy generic latisse online | cheapest place to buy latisse

Latisse is the renowned ophthalmic preparation that assists people with hypotrichosis to attain alluring and fuller eyelashes growth easily. It is a well-admired brand name of generic Bimatoprost. Hypotrichosis is a condition where people suffer from the short, thin as well unappealing eyelashes. Latisse in those individuals augments the volume, thickness, and length of the eyelashes and hence makes them competent of having attractive eyelashes.

How do Latisse eye drop acts to treat hypotrichosis?

 Bimatoprost (a prostamide) implements its action to treat inaccurate eyelashes growth by mounting the anagen phase and restraining the telogen phase of hair growth cycle. For the management of open angles glaucoma, it by amplifying the outflow of the aqueous humor from the eyeball as well by lessening the degree of aqueous creation in the eye leads to the compressed pressure within the eyes.

How to use Generic Latisse Eye Drops?

Wash your hands with water thoroughly. Incline your head back; get down your lower eyelids assisting your fingertips so as to make a small pocket. Hold the dropper tip above your eyes, and gently squeeze out the recommended quantity of drops into the small pocket of eyes. Keep your eyes closed for 2-3 minutes, without flashing and rubbing your eyes. Clear away any excess of the drug from your face using a clean tissue paper. Again, wash your hands after making an application. Follow this way of application every day preferably at evening time.

What are the contraindications with Latisse Eye Drops?

In the case of having, medical conditions such as uveitis, swelling or infection, eye surgery, or hypersensitivity to Bimatoprost patients are not recommended to follow Latisse Eye Drop.

What are the likely noxious effects with Generic Latisse Eye Drops?

Latisse is a well-tolerated ophthalmic preparation, however, in few of its user it may cause some noxious effects. These include dryness, redness of the eye, blurry eyesight, irritated eyes, mild stinging or burning sensation in the eye.

What are the cautionary steps with Latisse Eye Drops?

  • If you wear contact lenses then firstly you have to remove them and after 15 minutes of applying Latisse, you can wear them back.
  •  It is advisable to do not get in touch with the tip of the applicator with any of your body parts to prevent the contamination of the drug.
  • It is recommended to wait for 10 minutes after application of Latisse to make the application of another eye drop in case if you uses.

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