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Birth Control

Abortion and birth control pill

Almost all women want to become the mother but everyone is not fortunate about the same. Now in the developing era woman is very goal oriented and she also wanted to be successful in their life. Planned Parenthood is one of the best ways if for those who has to achieve the goal in the life. For that purpose, birth control is the only option to avoid pregnancy. To avoid pregnancy many kinds of methods are used like a condom, vaginal rings, sponge, abstinence, shots, implants, vasectomy, IUDs-Intra Uterine Device, etc.

The unwanted pregnancy occurs due to the failure of contraceptives or unsafe intercourse.  At that point of time, birth control pills and abortion pills play an important role to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Birth control pills are commonly used medication to avoid pregnancy that can be used orally. It inhibits the implantation of fertilized egg and bothers the ovulation process. It also terminates the pregnancy.  Abortion pill or birth control pills can be used orally and vaginally. Birth control pills are more effective if it is used within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse while abortion pills are used 49 days of pregnancy from the last day of the gestational period.

Following are the birth control / contraceptive pills:

  • Yasmin
  • Mircette.
  • Ovral L.
  • Ovral G.
  • Plan B.

Following are the abortion / pregnancy tremination pills:

  • Mifeprex.
  • Korlym.
  •  Mifegyne.
  • RU486.
  • Cytotec.
  • MTP kit.

Note: After administration of birth control or abortion pill take healthy or nutritious food and proper rest for early recovery. Avoid alcohol and smoking while taking these pills.  

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