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Infertility Treatment

Every woman wants to have babies, as this is one of the ultimate blessings of God. However not all woman are fortunate enough to have kids in their life. Some suffer from the condition of infertility. Infertility is defined as the condition in which a woman is unable to conceive a child even after having unprotected sensual intercourse for more than a year. Infertility in women basically occurs due to ovulatory troubles. Infertility is not a condition exclusive to females, even males can suffer from infertility due to low testosterone levels, and due to this, the sperm count in men becomes low leading to infertility. Infertility in females can be genetic as well as acquired due to diseases like PCOD, endometriosis. Infertility in the male can also be genetic and can also be attributed to the lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

To combat the problems of infertility there are various medications or hormonal preparation available in the market, which acts in a similar fashion as that of LH and FSH in the body and enhances the natural surge of these hormones enhancing their level in the body thereby promoting ovulation in females and increasing the testosterone level in men. This leads to the successful treatment of infertility.

Some of the medications that are available in our online pharmacy that can cure your fertility issues effectively are Pregnyl, Ovidac, Hucog, Fertigyn, HCG, Clomid, Serophene, and Fertomid. These medications ought to be taken with the proper consultation of the doctor. You can buy these medications at a very nominal price from our online pharmacy. 

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